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There is not a single employee at Nicarela. We have no offices. There is no hierarchy: only community. There is no administrative burden or cost – it’s done through volunteers. We ensure governance through external accounting and audit partners, whilst leading the organisation professionally, with integrity to our strong values. Every rand we raise we spend on those in need.

Since our inception in 2007, Nicarela Charity has raised over Seven Million Rand.  


Aimed at bettering the lives of those who are less fortunate, Nicarela Charity is a non-governmental organisation situated in Parkview, Johannesburg.  Nicarela’s purpose is to raise funds to support a number of outreach projects. We do so by organizing events and markets with our volunteers.  All proceeds from these events are given to the projects.  


We have no overheads or administrative costs as we negotiate all needs to be sponsored in-kind and services to be donated for free (right down to our bank account fees!).


We are always open to new ideas as this helps better our sponsorship exposure and promotion benefits for our contributors. We have had many sponsors and individuals who have supported us over the years.


There is so much to do – join us  in giving a little light to those in need.


Nicarela Charity was registered as a PBO and NPO in 2009. This means that all donations are eligible for tax deductions for which we supply the required documentations.  


Contributions to Nicarela Charity are eligible to be fully counted towards the SED Code 700 spend within the B-BBEE charter as it directly contributes to socio-economic development with more than 75% of the value directly benefiting black people.


The Charity is run administratively by volunteers and, as a PBO, complies with all of SARS requirements.

NPO no. 068-093; PBO reference no: 930 033 966


For more information please visit our contacts page.

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