What is Nicarela?

A boy needs an operation, two girls can't afford schooling, a nursery school needs a classroom, an orphanage without food, a father of a child with autism asking for a year of school fees to get back on his feet; there is always someone that needs to get through a crisis and Nicarela shows up with finances and personal care

Without your help, donations and attendance at our events we would not have achieved what we have 

 Thank You  

 Get involved. 
 Make it happen. 
 Show you care. 

Because you helped us, we could help them.

 Thank You  

NEWS and Current Events

2019 Parkview Charity Christmas Market

Please come and enjoy a wonderful and event filled day at the Christmas Market.

Friday 29 November 

Saturday 30 December 

Sunday 1 December 

We have around 100 stalls selling some of the most beautiful and wonderful Christmas presents / gifts.  There is a Champagne ond Oyster bar as well as a Gin Bar and a Beer Tent to wet and fulfill appetites.  There are numerous food stalls to sate your hunger should the Oysters not take your fancy.

The KIDS CORNER is full of things to do from Rockets to Trains to Bungi to Swings.   

Live music will play at various times during the day with ambient music keeping you moving as you wander the wonder that this Christmas Market.