Friday, 29th November 2019 

15h30 : MC - Welcome

17h00: Parkview Junior School  

17h30: Parkview Senior School

18h15: Noise Dance Studio  

19h15 : MC - Perfect Tone  

20h00: Muso - Cindy Alter 

Saturday, 30th November 2019 

10h00: MC -Perfect Tone

11h30: Clamber Club 

12h45: Muso: Lemon Limelight: Denis & Gavin  

14h45: MC - Perfect Tone   

15h00: Clamber Club (2)  

15h45: MC - Perfect Tone

17h00: Muso - Vanessa Gray

18h30: Muso -  Christian Heath 
19h30: MC - Perfect Tone

20h00: Muso - Rock the Boat

15h00 Muso:  Thomas Dancer  

Sunday, 31st November 2019 

11h15: Clamber Club

11h50: MC - Perfect Tone

12h40: Muso - Steve Walls  

13h15: Muso - Andre Bellwood  

14h30: Muso - Hillbrow Outreach Foundation: Jazz  

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